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Christmas 2011

November 2011

As many of you may already know, our family's life took a sudden turn this year. Our 3 year old daughter, Tallia, went from an extremely happy and active child, to having severe leg pain, to wearing a leg brace and having to drag her left leg when she walked. It all started in October when we took Talli to her primary care physician because she was complaining of her left leg hurting. Her symptoms led the doctor to believe that she had toxic synovitis, a cold in her hip, which is very common in a kid her age with the symptoms she was experiencing. Weeks went by and she did not get any better. We were then admitted to UCSF Children’s Hospital for possible Rheumatoid arthritis. After being seen by many doctors they were not convinced that’s what it was so they ordered an X-Ray and MRI to be done. The images of the X-Ray and MRI showed extra bone growth on the outside of her normal bone along with inflammation. The doctors said it could either be a bone infection that would need to be treated with antibiotics for six weeks, or a possible tumor. The next step was a scheduled open biopsy to get a better look at what was going on and to take samples of the extra bone growth and the tissue around the bone. The quick results showed no bacteria, and soon the surgical team showed up with the Oncology team to discuss the possibility of cancer. At this point our hearts dropped. After waiting a week for the final pathology report, we received a call from the head oncologist. It was an Ewing Sarcoma Tumor…that was cancerous. It is every parent’s nightmare, a situation that in your mind, could never happen to your family. But boom it did and our hearts were shattered. We thought…Why us? But then we quickly realized…why any family. We felt helpless and terrified not knowing what was next to come. Our Faith has been carrying us through but for a three year old who doesn’t understand, all the faith in the world does not take the sadness we have go away watching her so confused and in pain.
      Talli began chemotherapy treatments on Friday December 2, 2011. And while she still kept her sweet and loving spirit, it was impossible to ignore her increased weakened, fragile, and saddened state. She will have five days of treatments every two weeks for a total of twelve months. In four months the doctors will attempt to remove the tumor from her leg. The doctors are having a difficult time trying to figure out how they are going to treat the localization of the tumor. It is high up in the leg and close to the hip joint and pelvis. The main concern is the long term affects the surgery and radiation may have on a child of Talli’s age. They are afraid of her possibly needing hip replacements every ten years if the chemotherapy does not shrink the tumor away from her hip joint and pelvis region. We pray that the tumor has shrunk so much that she will only need a little bit of radiation on the tumor!
The doctors are optimistic of the situation but have also warned us of the tragic possibilities. Ewing Sarcoma is a VERY RARE and a VERY AGGRESSIVE cancer. It can metastasize to vital organs. There is 63% overall survivability rate, but her case is expected to be higher because they believe they have caught it early. Furthermore, it is even more rare that a child of Talli’s age is diagnosed with this type of tumor. The doctors have told us that she may be 1 out of 8 children of her age to be diagnosed with Ewing Sarcoma in the entire nation. Most cases are in adolescents ages 10-20.
      We have set up this page for those of you who wish to follow Talli’s long journey. You can visit this website if you would wish to read updates or if you wish to make donations to help with Talli’s expenses, which include traveling, lodging, and any unforeseen future expenses. As many of you know, we are currently traveling three hours down to UCSF for her Chemotherapy treatments. Due to this demanding schedule, Jon is unable to work as often as normal, resulting in loss of income. We fear that we will not be able to provide for our entire family, including Talli’s twin sister Lexi and seven month old sister Kenzie. It is very important to Talli to have her mom and dad by her side through this tragic ordeal.
     We would like to Thank all of you for your thoughts and prayers, and any donations. We are all praying Talli makes a full recovery and gets back to playing with her sisters soon. It is going to be a long road ahead but we know God will help carry us through. The strength that He has given us and the Love that He has shown to us through our Family, Friends and people we don’t even know brings such Joy to our broken hearts and it is really helping us to try and have a positive outlook on all of this. And as Jacy says “Day by Day!”

God Bless you all,

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Lexi Singing Sissy's Song

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December 19 - 25, 2011

Started Talli’s second chemo treatment. It was originally set for the 15th but all of her counts were too low to start. We wanted to be home by Christmas so we rushed down Monday and got the process started. The treatment went well. We had some really great nurses and we were feeling positive. We got home at 1:00am on Friday the 23rd. Christmas was wonderful, we were just so grateful to be home with all the people helping carry us through this. The girls got such neat things from family members and from our friends! We were hoping to have a nice relaxing week at home with our girls! Little did we know the crazy rollercoaster the Doctors were talking about was really NO JOKE! And the fun began!    

December 26, 2011

We planned on cleaning up the house since we had been gone the whole last week. We took Talli in for a blood draw at our local Ambulatory center. Our Doctors from UCSF called in the afternoon and said Talli needed a blood transfusion and that we needed to drive down as soon as we could to get one. They said they would have us out of there by 9 or 10 so we thought it would be an easy thing. Jon had to go back to work in the morning so we were hoping that it would be that quick of a trip. We should have known though, usually what they tell us is a small version of the truth. So long story short we didn’t get out of there until 3:00am and didn’t get home till 5:30am and Jon had to go into work a little late. THEN he decided to take a night shift. We weren’t expecting things to go crazy this early on so he worked from 10-12:30 that night. And goes into work the next morning at 7:00.

December 28, 2011

Jons second day back at work and Talli gets a fever that day at 1:00pm. We headed to the ER at Sierra Nevada Memorial at 3:00 and things just were crazy. Talli was neutropenic, that combined with a fever is considered a medical emergency according to all of our doctors at UCSF. The staff at Sierra told us to sit in the waiting room when we went in. We though wait WHAT we have a 3 year old screaming child with Cancer who is neutropenic with a fever, she was not supposed to be around any sickness at all! We were about to drive her down ourselves but our Doctors at UCSF warned us of Septic shock so we realized that was not a good idea! So the lady who takes Talli’s blood draws at the Ambulatory center was still in so we called her and she had us come up there and got things rolling for us. Thank you Laurie! She got Talli and I all cozy so we were able to rest before our hectic night, she even stayed after hours for us! Then we went back down to the ER and waited 2 more hours for an ambulance…by the time we got down there it was 1:00am! Talli didn’t fall asleep till 2:30. The next day was very difficult. Talli did not want to be in the hospital and she kept having freak outs. She tried to escape and hit her head. Then the doctors told us we couldn’t leave till her counts were back up and said we could be there as long as until her next chemo. It was a very emotional day for Talli and I. Jon holds it together much more than me! But things went up from that day. My best friend Deirdre came to be with us for a day and that always makes Talli so happy. Then the next day my parents brought down Lexi and Kenzie, which was just so nice! Leaving them this much is really affecting me and Talli…and them! So we had a really nice day and my parents got to spend some time with Talli in the hospital and we got to take the girls and stay in a hotel. My sister Cori even got to come down that time and experience the hospital. Then we got the good news when we went back to the hospital that Talli’s counts shot up and we got to go home! WOOHOO! So quite an experience but we made it through and we are sooo happy to be home for however long that might be ?

January 9, 2012

We had such a great week at home after we got back from Talli’s Fever ordeal. Now it was time to go down for her surgery to put her Broviac in and to start her 3rd chemo treatment. It was hard watching her go through the terror of surgery again. She knew exactly what was going on. BUT everything went great and she woke up not being too grumpy and we got put in a room pretty quick so we just relaxed and they started her on chemo at 4:30. The next day she had chemo at 12:30 and it was only a 15 minute one and then we were able to go home!!! She already seems 100 times better than she was in the hospital. She has been playing with Lexi and Kenzie and her spirits are so high. Let’s hope she stays strong and we don’t have to go back down till her next treatment on the 23rd. As for how we are all doing, we are doing pretty well. Even though some days are hard, I have really been trying to find the beauty in each day and look at things in a positive light, which I must say that is pretty easy with the family and friends I have. Ever since Talli was diagnosed I have been trying to follow other children and parent’s journeys. That type of stuff has really been helping me…and I feel like it is helping Talli and even Lexi, too. I will show them pictures and tell them stories of other children and they are just so interested and so sweet and asked questions about them and their sickness. The strength that a lot of these families and children find through their Faith and love from others makes me so happy. There is one girl in town who is the neighbor of my grandma and she bought Talli a bunch of toys and gave us the sweetest card and gift card for gas. She did all this and she too is battling a sickness. She has leukemia and has recently been down in UC Davis and the last I heard she is not doing well. Please pray for her, her name is Alecia! I mean what a kind heart to be fighting for your own life and you are still concerned about others. Just amazes me. There is another little girl that I started following her story a couple weeks ago. Her name was Jesse Rees. A true inspiration! This 12 year old sweetheart was diagnosed with a brain tumor 10 months ago. Her main concern during her whole sickness was bringing JOY to other children in the same situation. She created these joy jars and would deliver them to other children who were sick. How amazing. Being so young, going through chemo, being diagnosed with a second tumor three months ago and she just was filled with love and hope and joy! I wish I could have met that sweet girl but as her parents said “Jessie earned her wings and is with Jesus now!!! No pain…complete vision...spreading joy.” It just makes me want to have that same outlook and really stay positive and strong in my Faith. Also if everyone could please pray for another family that just found out their 3 month old has a rare brain cancer. Her name is Madeleine. This family has such an amazing strength too and they are staying positive as well but they could use the prayer…prayer is amazing! I know this little baby is going to kick her cancers booty too! Anyways I hope everyone has a beautiful week! And remember to find the beauty in EACH day! Much Love!

January 23, 2012

Talli started her 4th chemo treatment. The week started off difficult because we were told that basically surgery meant an amputation. We knew it was a possibility but not the only choice we had with surgery. So we are going to be going with radiation. After talking with our Doctors we felt more confident about the radiation. We will be having a big meeting eventually to discuss more details. But the rest of the week went pretty good. Talli was amazing. Usually she is pretty tired during her chemo treatments but everyday she had so much energy and she was walking around the hospital in her princess dresses and she was just full of silliness. She kept Jon and I pretty entertained! She has always been pretty spicy and stubborn and I really think those traits are helping her kick this cancers booty! So all in all she is doing pretty well! We are still staying super positive and I am still just so amazed by all of your love and support! The fundraising going on for Talli, the Donations, the Prayers and just all of the help from family and friends is just so heart warming. We can’t thank you guys enough!

February 8, 2012

5th treatment got pushed back a couple of days because Talli’s platelets were down but we headed down on Wednesday with Talli and Lexi so we could make it to her apt in time and then my parents and Cori headed down a little after us with Kenzie. It was her first outpatient chemo and she was kind of thrown off. She had about an hour and a half breakdown but once she calmed down everything was all good for the next couple of days. After her first day of chemo we found a hotel and went and got settled and finally got all three kids fed at 7. It was hectic but that is just how life goes these days. Next day we had her meeting/apt for radiation and we met with the doctor who completely reassured us that radiation was the way to go and she was super optimistic that we are going to get rid of this stinking tumor! It will be a LONG 6 plus weeks BUT it will be well worth it when the ickiness is out of my baby! My Dad then treated us to the Zoo and then the next day he treated us to the Academy of Science! It was such a good time getting to do that stuff as a family and let Talli actually be a normal 3 year old but boy was it tiring! By Saturday we were ALL exhausted. Especially Talli, who was going going going as well as getting chemo which knocks her down. My parents and Cori went home with Lex and Kenz and we went to the hospital for her next treatment and spent most the day…Aunt Dee and Denise (Dees mom) came to visit which Talli enjoyed but she was still just so out of it that day. After treatment Jon and I took her to dinner and we could just tell she was not feeling up to anything. Went back to hotel and she spiked a fever so we were in the ER till 1:30AM and then we were transferred up to a room. They told us to expect to be there for 48 hours. Usually I would have been okay with all of this but we were SO exhausted and my emotions were completely out of whack. We were all three total monsters the next day. We usually do a pretty good job of keeping our spirits high and making things fun for Talli but we couldn’t even leave the room, which Talli HATES, and we were going on barely any sleep and it was just not a good time. BUT the docs came in and I kind of begged them to let us go since her fever went down and her cultures hadn’t come back positive so I just wanted to go home and recharge and if her cultures ended up coming back with anything we were fine with driving back down. So they agreed and she had to get a blood transfusion and they actually skipped doing her 5th day of chemo since she had the fever. We were home by 10pm and we had the whole week to be home and Talli didn’t spike a fever and all her blood cultures came back negative ? Little bumps here and there throughout the week but all in all it was a decent week. Now we are just preparing to go down on Wednesday the 22nd for her 6th treatment. And after that radiation starts!

Feb 22-March 18th, 2012

Talli finished her 6th chemo treatment on Feb 23. This two-day one was pretty tough on her little body but she is still standing strong. Now, we were just trying to mentally prepare for the scans and the 6 weeks of radiation. We were so thankful that she had a good 2 ½ week break so that her counts had time to recover and she would have some time to be home without feeling cruddy and be able to be a somewhat normal 3 year old with her sister. We tried to fit in alot of play dates, which she loved, and we really just enjoyed spending time with friends and family, since usually we just stay home fearing ANY sickness! She did get a nasty little cold but 3 days of that seemed like nothing compared to everything else. She was put on antibiotics and when she recovered we went in for her scans. There were two scans to make sure her body was still clear of tumors which were on March 7th, and then two different scans to see what the tumor was doing on March 13th. All scans came back bringing great news! Her body scan still showed no cancer in the rest of her body and the tumor seemed to have shrunk quite a bit, there was still a section that they believe

to be repairing bone mixed in with some cancerous cells. When we got the news of course I was overwhelmed with joy and I knew the Lord was working in healing my child. When I asked the doctors in the beginning “what if the tumor shrinks to barely anything” they seemed pretty certain that wouldn’t happen…yet to me it looked like it had!!! And I am so thankful to God, to all the Doctors that he has placed in our lives to help our baby, and for ALL of the prayers that SO many of you have been saying for our sweet love. Yet my happiness and thankfulness still didn’t bring the relief I was aching for! I know it sounds silly but I was hoping that after our miracle happened (the tumor shrinking so much) that all of this would just disappear and Talli could only have a few treatments left and be a normal three year old again. The chemo knocks her down and I was feeling it was just as harmful as a tumor that was shrinking so much. I had all these questions and was driving myself NUTS…BUT after speaking with her main Doctor and with the Radiologist and actually listening, trusting, and understanding what they both were saying, I knew that this is just the treatment it takes for my baby to actually be healthy…As my friend Veronica said,(she also has a child with cancer), it is the necessary evil both her and my child have to go through to make sure we can keep our girls FOREVER! So on Monday March 19th, we will start the rest of this long journey and I just have to keep remembering that no matter how challenging and long these next 6 or so months will be, HAVING A HEALTHY TALLI GIRL IS ALL THAT MATTERS! Please keep praying that Talli stays strong and has no major setbacks and that Jon and I keep our sanity and stay strong for all three of our girls! We will be driving back and forth to SF Monday-Friday for 3 out of the 6 weeks so Jon can work half days and the rest of the 3 weeks she will be doing chemo so we will be staying down there. It is going to be difficult and draining but I know God will carry us through just as he has been doing!!! And please forgive me if I don’t update her web page for a long time. I will try to do small updates here and there on her FB or on my FB. Thank you family and friends. Love to all!!!

March, 18 to April, 23, 2012

I can’t believe it has been over a month since I last updated. I guess that is a good thing because it has seemed to just FLY by ? Talli is doing fantastic. We have 6 days of radiation left! WOOHOO! It has been pretty draining, but our decision to drive back and forth has definitely been the right choice for us. Being away from the other two girls is just WAY to hard so we at least get half days together and our evenings! All this craziness is wearing on Lexi the most right now. She misses us so much and doesn’t understand why we are gone so much. It’s heartbreaking but my parents and Jon’s parents have been doing such a great job of helping make this process a little easier on her and Kenzie. We have also been bringing Lexi down at least once a week; both she and Talli are in such happier moods when we do that! We had a 5 day inpatient chemo 4/9 through 4/13, and once again I must say Talli is just a ROCKSTAR! I just can’t believe how STRONG she is staying in all of this! I mean she has been having multiple blood and platelet transfusions, and the side effects from radiation are usually pretty painful but she just keeps trucking along even with the huge sunburn on her leg that looks so painful! Plus the chemo usually keeps her pretty tired and she usually doesn’t eat during and for three days after any of her chemo treatments…NOT THIS LAST TIME! It was like nothing. She has been acting and looking healthier than ever! Even with all of her counts so low! At the hospital she was making decorations for Kenzie’s Birthday all week long in the playroom, she would ride the hospital tricycle ALL over the place while wearing her princess dress and princess shoes. She sat in our room playing Barbie’s and reading and didn’t watch a whole lot of TV which she usually only wants to watch TV. She insisted on leaving the door open…I think she likes to see the people walking by and Jon and I actually like it to because we don’t feel so secluded from everyone ? We will start another 5 day inpatient sometime this week…whenever her counts recover, so we are preparing for that right now but I must say that It has just been an all-out good month even through the exhaustion and through the missing our other two munchkins. It was Kenzie’s first birthday on the 20th… it was bittersweet as with any child turning one but it was especially hard on me because it just seemed to FLY by with everything going on. But that little girl is just so awesome and so much fun. Besides being a LITTLE peanut, you would think she was just a triplet with the girls ? they have such a neat bond! And she tries to keep up with them in every aspect of life! There have been a few different fundraisers and we would like to give our deepest thanks to EVERYONE involved in each! We have been able to attend a few of them and it has just been so heartwarming! Talli actually got to attend the Urban Coyotes fundraisers and that was a day after chemo and she was just dancing and running around with the other kiddos. It was so cool! I really do not think we will ever be able to thank ALL of you enough! Everyone who has been involved in ALL of the fundraisers, all that have donated, and all the people who write us the kindest message here and there, I love hearing from you, even the ones I don’t know! And if I don’t write back to you right away I am so sorry! I try to keep up as best I can but sometimes I get a little behind! But seriously, every single one of you has really touched our hearts and I will never forget the amazing generosity and love of this community and even communities we don’t live in. People keep asking how we stay so strong in all of this and my Faith is the number one reason because the love that God has shown me through all of you just absolutely amazes me. I know I thank the lord every night but I also want to THANK each and every one of you because I am a stronger person because of the love and support we have been receiving!! God Bless to all!

April 23rd-May 27th , 2012

Radiation finished on May 2nd and we were down for a round of chemo that week. Everything went great with Talli and she was still standing strong! My parents brought our other two girls down to visit her on the day that radiation finished but when they got there they both were just really out of it and seemed off. Lexi ended up throwing up all over me in the room so they ended up only being there for about a half an hour. It was really sad and Talli was pretty upset but we got through the last two days and then we got to go home Friday and attend a fundraiser down in Colusa, so that was a lot of fun. Lexi and Kenzie ended up having hand, foot, and mouth disease so we had to keep them away for the weekend…that was rough. Anytime we have at home I want to be with all three of my girls but got to do what you got to do. So they got better and we were able to have them back in the house the next week BUT then the burn on Talli’s leg from radiation got pretty bad and looked infected so we had to rush her down and stay in the hospital for two days. Lexi was able to go with us for the first day so that kept Talli a little calmer about being in the hospital. When we went home we were able to be there for a full week since her counts were not high enough to start chemo. It was a great week. She was able to go to the rodeo which all three girls loved. Then we headed down for another round of chemo on May 21st. It was an outpatient one so Lexi came down with us and then my parents headed down with our crazy Kenzie! Talli handled the chemo awesome once again! And now we are home and Talli’s leg is looking 90% better and she is so proud of it…if you ask her how she is doing she automatically shows you her leg…it is pretty cute. We are preparing for a two day chemo next week but just today the 29th she had a couple hour chemo drip up here in GV and her counts ended up being so low we had to head down to SF for a transfusion. Yet another unexpected trip. She was not happy but still a trooper. If her counts go up and all stays well, we should have 7 MORE CHEMO’S LEFT! Praise God.

May 28th through July 7th , 2012

Talli’s two day chemo on June 7th went fairly well. It was nice to have a short one. We got such a nice break at home and we were able to spend lots of time with our family and friends. Yet we had forgotten how much those two day ones knocked her counts and we didn’t realize she was neutropenic most of the time so we kept busy and thank goodness she didn’t catch any sickness. We then headed down to SF on June 25th for her 6th to last chemo! It was a five day inpatient one which we really need to mentally prepare ourselves for but unfortunately neither Jon or I did. It was a pretty difficult stay…Our sweet baby is just so over all of this…we all are! I know these last treatments are important but it is just getting harder and harder to hang on. Talli is just getting more knocked down by the chemo. A lot of the time she was tired and in quite a bit of pain from not being able to have a bowel movement. It was so hard to watch her in so much pain. But although it was a tougher stay, she still amazes me with how strong she is, even through the fits and the pain she still found time to be her goofy loving self. I just need to keep reminding myself that if God has made her so strong and so faithful at such a young age then He will get me there too, just have a little more work to do on me…and Jon?. Talli finally had her bowel movement 3 days after chemo ended…meaning she went a whole 6 days without going. Even to this day she is still having a lot of discomfort which is kind of stinking because she is supposed to be admitted this week for another 2 day one, which is the gnarly one?. She also developed a cough throughout the last couple weeks and I am praying that it is just allergies and not the beginning of a cold. She also has to have another test for her heart because the last one showed signs of her heart muscles being slightly weakened. Scares me but they seem pretty optimistic that it is not something to worry about. I always worry though, especially after this whole week having to watch Jon’s Dad suffer in the hospital and finding out he has some heart issues. Its scary stuff! So I pray her results come back as just a fluke! BUT on a positive note, we just have 5 MORE CHEMO’S LEFT and I just pray that God keeps working through my children and family and friends to pull us through.

July 8th through August 13th, 2012

Talli was finally admitted for her 13th chemo which was a 2 day one on July 13th. Little sweetheart went into the hospital being so cheerful and happy on Friday but by the next morning after that first day of treatment she was a completely different child. She was not feeling good at all. She wanted to lie in bed all day and she was getting super backed up again so her little belly was in so much pain. But we were able to go home Saturday night. When we got home it took her a few days to recover from being backed up but when she did she felt great again! She had to get a platelet transfusion but that has been pretty common after each chemo sessions. We then had a nice extra week at home because we had to wait till her counts climbed back up and they put off her outpatient chemo because they like them to land on Monday through Friday. So we headed down for her 14th chemo on August 6th. She did pretty good…she got a little sick but she was not having the stomach issues that she usually gets in the hospital. It was a very busy week but at the same time it was neat because we did some fun things and had some great company. My parents were able to bring Lexi and Kenzie down along with my nieces Bailee and Jayda so that they could experience the whole chemo deal. We were sad that we were not able to bring my nephew Kaden down because the twins really love having their cousin around but it is just way to hectic down there and three 3 years olds would have been CRAZY ? Kenzie already acts like a 3 year old so really it would have been 4 wild 3 year olds running around. Talli's Uncle Cam and soon to be Aunt Angela were able to come have dinner one night with us and then their Uncle Chan and his girlfriend Anna were able to come hang out to. It was a nice time but boy by the time we got home we were EXHAUSTED! It also happened to be the week of the fair so when we got home we unloaded took a little rest and then headed out to the HOT fair. The girls had a blast though and they got their faces painted which they just loved. Actually the lady painting their faces asked if she could do Talli’s whole head. It was so cute! We now are waiting for her next chemo which will hopefully start somewhere around August 25th. It will be a five day one. As of right now we are just waiting for her counts to bottom out so they can build back up. We are actually getting a blood and platelet transfusion as I write this. She got knocked down pretty quickly this time. But it was so nice because our doctors and nurses from UCSF worked with our nurses up here so that we were able to get the transfusions in town…We are so thankful for that! It is just so much easier on our family! So just 3 CHEMOS LEFT! God Bless You ALL!

August 14th through September 14th

Talli’s counts took 3 weeks to recover again and her platelets were just getting so knocked down. She needed two platelet transfusions after her 14th chemo and at one point they got down to some pretty dangerous levels. Jon and I were starting to get pretty concerned with how much the chemo was starting to affect her. So when we went in for the 15th chemo on August 27th we discussed with her Team all of our concerns and they decided to lower the dosage by 20%. Also during that stay we discussed with them about how tight her hip has been…she can’t bend it well at all and of course we knew that after radiation it would have some tightness but her Doctor order an MRI just to see what that leg and hip were looking like. That day of her MRI was a tough one…she was tired and we waited most the day for her MRI. Poor baby hadn’t eaten for 20 hours. All three of us were on edge. The MRI took longer than expected so Jon and I let both of our minds go back to the beginning and we started freaking ourselves out…BUT it was all for nothing because one of our Doctors stayed later than he needed too just to show us the results…which looked amazing, no sign of tumor! We were so relieved. So we headed home that night and although they lowered the dosage it still took her forever to recover…she still needed a platelet transfusion and she still was miserable from being so backed up. We knew these end treatments would start affecting her worse than the beginning but it was so hard to watch…especially when we saw the MRI which looked like the perfect results. Our doctors all talked and had decided to lower the rest of her chemo dosages by 36%. This made us feel so much better! So when we went in for her 16th chemo on July 13th it was only a two day stay and Lexi was able to come. Talli tolerated that one so nicely and although she got backed up, it was nothing compared to before. She still had to get a platelet transfusion though. All in all it was so nice to see her feeling better and now we just have 1 chemo left!

September 15th through October 25th

The girls turned 4 on September 21st! It was such a great day and such a great weekend! Talli was neutropenic, so we were not able to have a big party but it was such a nice time regardless. Her nurses at ATC threw her and Lex a lil party and then I had help from my friend Mandi in getting their cakes and decorations ready and she made them some tutus. That night we just had a small party with my family to celebrate the twins and Kadens birthdays and then we had a small one with Jons parents that Sunday. Good memories! Talli’s counts did about the same as always but she was feeling great and we headed down for her LAST CHEMO on 10-1! We could not believe that this moment had come! We are so incredibly thankful and excited that our baby is done with treatment BUT we are also just so scared of what’s to come. I know that we have been bonded through all of this and that this year has completely shaped who I am as a person and I believe it has done the same for my family members so I know that what we went through was placed on us for some good…BUT it is still hard to prepare yourself for what else may come out of a very intense year of a treatment that healed her but could have done damage in other areas of her body. I have all the Faith in the world BUT I just don’t want my child to suffer anymore and it is just plain scary. I am also in just such a weird state of mind regarding what we went through…in the beginning I didn’t want our family to go through this, obviously and I just didn’t want to be in the hospital and around all the sickness and it hurt to just know how many kids are out there suffering. NOW I don’t want to be away from it…I don’t EVER want to forget about these children and their families and our nurses and doctors who are here daily helping families like us through it. I want to always be connected to this experience and life that we went through for the past year. I am currently trying to figure out a way to stay connected and possibly turn this website into some sort of foundation to help other families; we will see what we can come up with. But for now back to my sweet warrior. We headed down 10-17 for her scans…always an uneasy thing! Lex was able to come down and so was Sinaca (one of Talli’s biggest supporters and someone who has been like a big sister to the girls and a HUGE help to me) came down as well. One of her Doctors called with the results that showed Talli is in REMISSION! It is impossible to describe the different feelings and emotions we are having. So beyond grateful though! To everyone and especially the One who carried us through all this! THANK YOU JESUS! And thank you all for just loving us and praying for us and EVERYTHING! GOD BLESS and I will update this website with any info on Talli and hopefully with info on what we figure out to do with a foundation! MUCH MUCH MUCH LOVE!

Goodby Talli from 7 Long


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Thanks Brandon & Justin

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