January 23, 2012

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Talli started her 4th chemo treatment. The week started off difficult because we were told that basically surgery meant an amputation. We knew it was a possibility but not the only choice we had with surgery. So we are going to be going with radiation. After talking with our Doctors we felt more confident about the radiation. We will be having a big meeting eventually to discuss more details. But the rest of the week went pretty good. Talli was amazing. Usually she is pretty tired during her chemo treatments but everyday she had so much energy and she was walking around the hospital in her princess 

dresses and she was just full of silliness. She kept Jon and I pretty entertained! She has always been pretty spicy and stubborn and I really think those traits are helping her kick this cancers booty! So all in all she is doing pretty well! We are still staying super positive and I am still just so amazed by all of your love and support! The fundraising going on for Talli, the Donations, the Prayers and just all of the help from family and friends is just so heart warming. We can’t thank you guys enough! 

January 9, 2012

We had such a great week at home after we got back from Talli’s Fever ordeal. Now it was time to go down for her surgery to put her Broviac in and to start her 3rd chemo treatment. It was hard watching her go through the terror of surgery again. She knew exactly what was going on. BUT everything went great and she woke up not being too grumpy and we got put in a room pretty quick so we just relaxed and they started her on chemo at 4:30. The next day she had chemo at 12:30 and it was only a 15 minute one and then we were able to go home!!! She already seems 100 times better than she was in the hospital. She has been playing with Lexi and Kenzie and her spirits are so high. Let’s hope she stays strong and we don’t have to go back down till her next treatment on the 23rd. As for how we are all doing, we are doing pretty well. Even though some days are hard, I have really been trying to find the beauty in each day and look at things in a positive light, which I must say that is pretty easy with the family and friends I have. Ever since Talli was diagnosed I have been trying to follow other children and parent’s journeys. That type of stuff has really been helping me…and I feel like it is helping Talli and even Lexi, too. I will show them pictures and tell them stories of other children and they are just so interested and so sweet and asked questions about them and their sickness. The strength that a lot of these families and children find through their 

Faith and love from others makes me so happy. There is one girl in town who is the neighbor of my grandma and she bought Talli a bunch of toys and gave us the sweetest card and gift card for gas. She did all this and she too is battling a sickness. She has leukemia and has recently been down in UC Davis and the last I heard she is not doing well. Please pray for her, her name is Alecia! I mean what a kind heart to be fighting for your own life and you are still concerned about others. Just amazes me. There is another little girl that I started following her story a couple weeks ago. Her name was Jesse Rees. A true inspiration! This 12 year old sweetheart was diagnosed with a brain tumor 10 months ago. Her main concern during her whole sickness was bringing JOY to other children in the same situation. She created these joy jars and would deliver them to other children who were sick. How amazing. Being so young, going through chemo, being diagnosed with a second tumor three months ago and she just was filled with love and hope and joy! I wish I could have met that sweet girl but as her parents said “Jessie earned her wings and is with Jesus now!!! No pain…complete vision…spreading joy.” It just makes me want to have that same outlook and really stay positive and strong in my Faith. Also if everyone could please pray for another family that just found out their 3 month old has a rare brain cancer. Her name is Madeleine. This family has such an amazing strength too and they are staying positive as well but they could use the prayer…prayer is amazing! I know this little baby is going to kick her cancers booty too! Anyways I hope everyone has a beautiful week! And remember to find the beauty in EACH day! Much Love!

December 28, 2011

Jons second day back at work and Talli gets a fever that day at 1:00pm. We headed to the ER at Sierra Nevada Memorial at 3:00 and things just were crazy. Talli was neutropenic, that combined with a fever is considered a medical emergency according to all of our doctors at UCSF. The staff at 

Sierra told us to sit in the waiting room when we went in. We though wait WHAT we have a 3 year old screaming child with Cancer who is neutropenic with a fever, she was not supposed to be around any sickness at all! We were about to drive her down ourselves but our Doctors at UCSF warned us of Septic shock so we realized that was not a good idea! So the lady who takes Talli’s blood draws at the Ambulatory center was still in so we called her and she had us come up there and got things rolling for us. Thank you Laurie! She got Talli and I all cozy so we were able to rest before our hectic night, she even stayed after hours for us! Then we went back down to the ER and waited 2 more hours for an ambulance…by the time we got down there it was 1:00am! Talli didn’t fall asleep till 2:30. The next day was very difficult. Talli did not want to be in the hospital and she kept having freak outs. She tried to escape and hit her head. Then the doctors told us we couldn’t leave till her counts were back up and said we could be there as long as until her next chemo. It was a very emotional day for Talli and I. Jon holds it together much more than me! But things went up from that day. My best friend Deirdre came to be with us for a day and that always makes Talli so happy. Then the next day my parents brought down Lexi and Kenzie, which was just so nice! Leaving them this much is really affecting me and Talli…and them! So we had a really nice day and my parents got to spend some time with Talli in the hospital and we got to take the girls and stay in a hotel. My sister Cori even got to come down that time and experience the hospital. Then we got the good news when we went back to the hospital that Talli’s counts shot up and we got to go home! WOOHOO! So quite an experience but we made it through and we are sooo happy to be home for however long that might be ?