February 8, 2012

5th treatment got pushed back a couple of days because Talli’s platelets were down but we headed down on Wednesday with Talli and Lexi so we could make it to her apt in time and then my parents and Cori headed down a little after us with Kenzie. It was her first outpatient chemo and she was kind of thrown off. She had about an hour and a half breakdown but once she calmed down everything was all good for the next couple of days. After her first day of chemo we found a hotel and went and got settled and finally got all three kids fed at 7. It was hectic but that is just how life goes these days. Next day we had her meeting/apt for radiation and we met with the doctor who completely reassured us that radiation was the way to go and she was super optimistic that we are going to get rid of this stinking tumor! It will be a LONG 6 plus weeks BUT it will be well worth it when the ickiness is out of my baby! My Dad then treated us to the Zoo and then the next day he treated us to the Academy of Science! It was such a good time getting to do that stuff as a family and let Talli actually be a normal 3 year old but boy was it tiring! By Saturday we were ALL exhausted. Especially Talli, who was going going going as well as getting chemo which knocks her down. My parents and Cori went home with Lex and Kenz and we went to the hospital for her next treatment and spent most the day…Aunt Dee and Denise (Dees mom) came to visit which Talli enjoyed but she was still just so out of it that day. After treatment Jon and I took her to dinner and we could just tell she was not feeling up to anything. Went back to hotel and she spiked a fever so we were in the ER till 1:30AM and then we were transferred up to a room. They told us to expect to be there for 48 hours. Usually I would have been okay with all of this but we were SO exhausted and my emotions were completely out of whack. We were all three total monsters the next day. We usually do a pretty good job of keeping our spirits high and making things fun for Talli but we couldn’t even leave the room, which Talli HATES, and we were going on barely any sleep and it was just not a good time. BUT the docs came in and I kind of begged them to let us go since her fever went down and her cultures hadn’t come back positive so I just wanted to go home and recharge and if her cultures ended up coming back with anything we were fine with driving back down. So they agreed and she had to get a blood transfusion and they actually skipped doing her 5th day of chemo since she had the fever. We were home by 10pm and we had the whole week to be home and Talli didn’t spike a fever and all her blood cultures came back negative ? Little bumps here and there throughout the week but all in all it was a decent week. Now we are just preparing to go down on Wednesday the 22nd for her 6th treatment. And after that radiation starts!