Feb 22-March 18th, 2012


Talli finished her 6th chemo treatment on Feb 23. This two-day one was pretty tough on her little body but she is still standing strong. Now, we were just trying to mentally prepare for the scans and the 6 weeks of radiation. We were so thankful that she had a good 2 ½ week break so that her counts had time to recover and she would have some time to be home without feeling cruddy and be able to be a somewhat normal 3 year old with her sister. We tried to fit in alot of play dates, which she loved, and we really just enjoyed spending time with friends and family, since usually we just stay home fearing ANY sickness! She did get a nasty little cold but 3 days of that seemed like nothing compared to everything else. She was put on antibiotics and when she recovered we went in for her scans. There were two scans to make sure her body was still clear of tumors which were on March 7th, and then two different scans to see what the tumor was doing on March 13th. All scans came back bringing great news! Her body scan still showed no cancer in the rest of her body and the tumor seemed to have shrunk quite a bit, there was still a section that they believe

to be repairing bone mixed in with some cancerous cells. When we got the news of course I was overwhelmed with joy and I knew the Lord was working in healing my child. When I asked the doctors in the beginning “what if the tumor shrinks to barely anything” they seemed pretty certain that wouldn’t happen…yet to me it looked like it had!!! And I am so thankful to God, to all the Doctors that he has placed in our lives to help our baby, and for ALL of the prayers that SO many of you have been saying for our sweet love. Yet my happiness and thankfulness still didn’t bring the relief I was aching for! I know it sounds silly but I was hoping that after our miracle happened (the tumor shrinking so much) that all of this would just disappear and Talli could only have a few treatments left and be a normal three year old again. The chemo knocks her down and I was feeling it was just as harmful as a tumor that was shrinking so much. I had all these questions and was driving myself NUTS…BUT after speaking with her main Doctor and with the Radiologist and actually listening, trusting, and understanding what they both were saying, I knew that this is just the treatment it takes for my baby to actually be healthy…As my friend Veronica said,(she also has a child with cancer), it is the necessary evil both her and my child have to go through to make sure we can keep our girls FOREVER! So on Monday March 19th, we will start the rest of this long journey and I just have to keep remembering that no matter how challenging and long these next 6 or so months will be, HAVING A HEALTHY TALLI GIRL IS ALL THAT MATTERS! Please keep praying that Talli stays strong and has no major setbacks and that Jon and I keep our sanity and stay strong for all three of our girls! We will be driving back and forth to SF Monday-Friday for 3 out of the 6 weeks so Jon can work half days and the rest of the 3 weeks she will be doing chemo so we will be staying down there. It is going to be difficult and draining but I know God will carry us through just as he has been doing!!! And please forgive me if I don’t update her web page for a long time. I will try to do small updates here and there on her FB or on my FB. Thank you family and