March, 18 to April, 23, 2012

I can’t believe it has been over a month since I last updated. I guess that is a good thing because it has seemed to just FLY by ? Talli is doing fantastic. We have 6 days of radiation left! WOOHOO! It has been pretty draining, but our decision to drive back and forth has definitely been the right choice for us. Being away from the other two girls is just WAY to hard so we at least get half days together and our evenings! All this craziness is wearing on Lexi the most right now. She misses us so much and doesn’t understand why we are gone so much. It’s heartbreaking but my parents and Jon’s parents have been doing such a great job of helping make this process a little easier on her and Kenzie. We have also been bringing Lexi down at least once a week; both she and Talli are in such happier moods when we do that! We had a 5 day inpatient chemo 4/9 through 4/13, and once again I must say Talli is just a ROCKSTAR! I just can’t believe how STRONG she is staying in all of this! I mean she has been having multiple blood and platelet transfusions, and the side effects from radiation are usually pretty painful but she just keeps trucking along even with the huge sunburn on her leg that looks so painful! Plus the chemo usually keeps her pretty tired and she usually doesn’t eat during and for three days after any of her chemo treatments…NOT THIS LAST TIME! It was like nothing. She has been acting and looking healthier than ever! Even with all of her counts so low! At the hospital she was making decorations for Kenzie’s Birthday all week long in the playroom, she would ride the hospital tricycle ALL over the place while wearing her princess dress and princess shoes. She sat in our room playing Barbie’s and reading and didn’t watch a whole lot of TV which she usually only wants to watch TV. She insisted on leaving the door open…I think she likes to see the people walking by and Jon and I actually like it to because we don’t feel so secluded from everyone ? We will start another 5 day inpatient sometime this week…whenever her counts recover, so we are preparing for that right now but I must say that It has just been an all-out good month even through the exhaustion and through the missing our other two munchkins. It was Kenzie’s first birthday on the 20th… it was bittersweet as with any child turning one but it was especially hard on me because it just seemed to FLY by with everything going on. But that little girl is just so awesome and so much fun. Besides being a LITTLE peanut, you would think she was just a triplet with the girls ? they have such a neat bond! And she tries to keep up with them in every aspect of life! There have been a few different fundraisers and we would like to give our deepest thanks to EVERYONE involved in each! We have been able to attend a few of them and it has just been so heartwarming! Talli actually got to attend the Urban Coyotes fundraisers and that was a day after chemo and she was just dancing and running around with the other kiddos. It was so cool! I really do not think we will ever be able to thank ALL of you enough! Everyone who has been involved in ALL of the fundraisers, all that have donated, and all the people who write us the kindest message here and there, I love hearing from you, even the ones I don’t know! And if I don’t write back to you right away I am so sorry! I try to keep up as best I can but sometimes I get a little behind! But seriously, every single one of you has really touched our hearts and I will never forget the amazing generosity and love of this community and even communities we don’t live in. People keep asking how we stay so strong in all of this and my Faith is the number one reason because the love that God has shown me through all of you just absolutely amazes me. I know I thank the lord every night but I also want to THANK each and every one of you because I am a stronger person because of the love and support we have been receiving!! God Bless to all!