April 23rd-May 27th , 2012


Radiation finished on May 2nd and we were down for a round of chemo that week. Everything went great with Talli and she was still standing strong! My parents brought our other two girls down to visit her on the day that radiation finished but when they got there they both were just really out of it and seemed off. Lexi ended up throwing up all over me in the room so they ended up only being there for about a half an hour. It was really sad and Talli was pretty upset but we got through the last two days and then we got to go home Friday and attend a fundraiser down in Colusa, so that was a lot of fun. Lexi and Kenzie ended up having hand, foot, and mouth disease so we had to keep them away for the weekend…that was rough. Anytime we have at home I want to be with all three of my girls but got to do what you got to do. So they got better and we were able to have them back in the house the next week BUT then the burn on Talli’s leg from radiation got pretty bad and looked infected so we had to rush her down and stay in the hospital for two days. Lexi was able to go with us for the first day so that kept Talli a little calmer about being in the hospital. When we went home we were able to be there for a full week since her counts were not high enough to start chemo. It was a great week. She was able to go to the rodeo which all three girls loved. Then we headed down for another round of chemo on May 21st. It was an outpatient one so Lexi came down with us and then my parents headed down with our crazy Kenzie! Talli handled the chemo awesome once again! And now we are home and Talli’s leg is looking 90% better and she is so proud of it…if you ask her how she is doing she automatically shows you her leg…it is pretty cute. We are preparing for a two day chemo next week but just today the 29th she had a couple hour chemo drip up here in GV and her counts ended up being so low we had to head down to SF for a transfusion. Yet another unexpected trip. She was not happy but still a trooper. If her counts go up and all stays well, we should have 7 MORE CHEMO’S LEFT! Praise God.