July 8th through August 13th, 2012

Talli was finally admitted for her 13th chemo which was a 2 day one on July 13th. Little sweetheart went into the hospital being so cheerful and happy on Friday but by the next morning after that first day of treatment she was a completely different child. She was not feeling good at all. She wanted to lie in bed all day and she was getting super backed up again so her little belly was in so much pain. But we were able to go home Saturday night. When we got home it took her a few days to recover from being backed up but when she did she felt great again! She had to get a platelet transfusion but that has been pretty common after each chemo sessions. We then had a nice extra week at home because we had to wait till her counts climbed back up and they put off her outpatient chemo because they like them to land on Monday through Friday. So we headed down for her 14th chemo on August 6th. She did pretty good…she got a little sick but she was not having the stomach issues that she usually gets in the hospital. It was a very busy week but at the same time it was neat because we did some fun things and had some great company. My parents were able to bring Lexi and Kenzie down along with my nieces Bailee and Jayda so that they could experience the whole chemo deal. We were sad that we were not able to bring my nephew Kaden down because the twins really love having their cousin around but it is just way to hectic down there and three 3 years olds would have been CRAZY ? Kenzie already acts like a 3 year old so really it would have been 4 wild 3 year olds running around. Talli's Uncle Cam and soon to be Aunt Angela were able to come have dinner one night with us and then their Uncle Chan and his girlfriend Anna were able to come hang out to. It was a nice time but boy by the time we got home we were EXHAUSTED! It also happened to be the week of the fair so when we got home we unloaded took a little rest and then headed out to the HOT fair. The girls had a blast though and they got their faces painted which they just loved. Actually the lady painting their faces asked if she could do Talli’s whole head. It was so cute! We now are waiting for her next chemo which will hopefully start somewhere around August 25th. It will be a five day one. As of right now we are just waiting for her counts to bottom out so they can build back up. We are actually getting a blood and platelet transfusion as I write this. She got knocked down pretty quickly this time. But it was so nice because our doctors and nurses from UCSF worked with our nurses up here so that we were able to get the transfusions in town…We are so thankful for that! It is just so much easier on our family! So just 3 CHEMOS LEFT! God Bless You ALL!