We met Caemon once when his Momma, Jodi, let us peek in at him one day when Talli was still doing a treatment at UCSF. He melted my heart instantly, reminded me of a boy version of Talli. I remember Jodi always running around the hospital trying to find fun things for her precious boy and keep him busy because he was restricted to his room most the time from either being neutropenic or just not feeling well. I know him and Talli would have been great buddies. I had originally written this post when he was recovering from a bone marrow transplant and I am so sadden to report that sweet lil Caemon has recently passed away on February 5, 2013. Just heartbreaking! His family could definitely use some prayers and support. Here is a link to this family’s website to learn more.

Ideas On Foundations


Nearing the end of Talli’s treatment I decided that I really wanted to start a foundation out of Tallis page. So far any ideas I come up with I just don’t have the time or resources for. If anyone has any ideas I would love to hear them. For now since with three little monkeys I don’t have the time to fully commit to our own foundation, I just plan on posting foundations and organizations that I am passionate about…eventually when these girls are older I definitely plan on starting up something! I also plan on posting information on other families that we know through this experience that need help and love and prayer. All of these families I have a special connection to and I know that they would greatly appreciate any prayers and support! Thank you all for following Talli’s journey!

Kaylynn Alexander

We never got the chance to meet lil miss Kaylynn but her mother and I kept in contact and I have a special love for this family. I am so sad that she is not with us anymore but I know that this family needs the love, prayers and support. Her mother, Cheryl, has 17 year old Jonny and 2 year old Olivia to take care of. Kaylynn was five years old and was a beautiful, fun, loving girl. She lost her father 2 years ago 2 weeks after her little sister was born. Back in May of last year she was diagnosed with DIPG (Defused Intrinsic Pontine Glioma) brain stem cancer. The doctors gave her 9 to 12 months with a 3% chance of a year or more to live. Kaylynn passed away on December 2nd 2012. For anyone who is able to help this family financially, contributions can be made to Tri Counties Bank under Cheryl Alexander fund raising account.