October 2013 Update

Well it has been quite a bitter-sweet time for us these past couple months. Let’s see the last time I wrote was when the girls were starting kindergarten. They started and had a very difficult time with it. Jon and I went back and forth about switching them to Transitional Kindergarten (which is basically the type of Kindergarten that we all had when we were younger…not as rigorous and shorter days) it was quite the battle but ultimately we decided that Transition was just a better fit for them. They just were not 


emotionally or socially ready. Jon had a hard time accepting this because academically they are both so ready but I just did not want to push them to a point emotionally where they ended up disliking school. So since the switch it has been so wonderful! They love school! Watching them grow has been so neat! Then their 5th Birthday was September 21st! I CAN’T BELIEVE MY BABIES ARE 5! We had such a great time celebrating that weekend! Those were the two more positive events going on with us. Then boom October hit and it’s just been a challenging couple weeks. First we had the passing of my Grandmother Landon and that has been so difficult watching my whole family grieve. Then we went into the week after her passing with Talli’s scans which we always have anxiety about but we were still staying positive. Her MRI was clear…phew! Then we received the call about her CT scan…they found a spot, which is most likely nothing (I feel in my heart that it is just the clearing up of an infection that she was either just getting over or just starting since it was going around our family) But none the less it just angered me. Angered me that this is just the rest of our life of this total worry! We are in a better state of mind now but the days after were just difficult! I feel my baby is healed of that nasty disease but the fact that the worry is even planted is soooo frustrating! I try to have a non-complaining attitude, especially from seeing how many others are suffering from the actual loss of their child or just the hurt that I see so many around me going through. I try to stay positive…but some days are just hard. Now it’s just a waiting game for her next scans which were initially supposed to be in three 

months anyways but she was switching to a schedule of a MRI and CT every 6 months and then just an Xray every 3 months. This one will just be the same thing she has been getting. If that spot grows a little or not at all, they will assume it is just something like an infection. If its cancer it will grow at a faster rate. The reason they are waiting the 3 months is because, regardless of if that spot grows, they can’t do anything until it is a certain size. Even if it grows as fast as this cancer usually does, it still will not be big enough to biopsy, so putting her through scans and anesthesia in a month would be pointless. So just lots of prayers right now that the spot was nothing. Talli is still is doing great though. We have noticed that she has been having some possible side effects from chemo and from the whole year she went through. She has been getting some major leg cramps which they had always said that that was a result of one of the chemo’s that she was getting but I thought that that was just during treatment. But it very well could just be a result of that leg being tight…but even that tightness has improved! The only other thing I have noticed are these massive fits. It’s almost like when she was in the hospital. She would have these extreme outbursts and nothing would calm her down, which the doctors assumed were from the steroid that she was getting so they had taken her off of those. I don’t know if she is just reverting back to those feelings or what the issue is but there are times where she has these fits and literally my lil T is not in that lil body. It’s hard not being able to calm her but they are also not frequent so that’s nice. I also wanted to let you all know about the Gold Fundraiser…we raised $563 for Childhood Cancer Research! I want to thank ALL of you who helped support this cause and I especially want to Thank Mandi Neue for making the awesome headbands that were a huge hit and her cousin Katie Kraut who raised a HUGE chunk of that money for us! Their 

hearts are just so neat! I am hoping next year to make it a little bigger and get the word out there to more people but for just starting out, I think we did darn well! SO THANKS AGAIN SUPPORTERS! Maybe one day all those professional football players will be wearing GOLD in September and there will be lots of Commercials bringing awareness to these precious kiddos! Again thank you for following our journey and supporting and loving our family through this! Much love!