Status of Surgery, Life Clinic and SIX YEARS REMISSION

My oh My I haven’t updated our sweeties website in quite a while! I figured this was the perfect time since Miss Talli just hit such a huge milestone! Monday we had some big appointments in San Francisco! She first saw Orthopedics to figure out the status of the surgery she will eventually get, which is the one where she will get a lengthening rod in her leg AS WELL as some sort of hip replacement (her leg is not growing from treatments she received and her hip is somewhat collapsing from her bacterial infection and the drainage surgery that she had to have on top of treatments as well) Since Talli is not in a huge amount of pain and she is still so small it was decided that surgery will most likely be put off another year and then we will reevaluate UNLESS of course she starts having pain. But as of now our girl is running cross country AND placing around 50% of her age group! The doctors were pretty amazed by that! I can’t even express how much joy that brings us! After that apt, she was then seen at the life clinic which is SUCH a huge milestone! There were some pretty heavy conversations about possible side effects from treatment. She is so wise and such an old soul that I think that she was somewhat ready BUT no matter what age the information we received was just a lot to process for her. She has been having some anxieties since the apt but I am just trying to help her process and keep her mind somewhat at ease and reminding her that everything we talked about were just POSSIBLILITIES, NOT definite. She just amazes me in so many ways and her sisters have just been so sweet with being there for her…so blessed to be their mama! We know how much you all love her and we so appreciate the continued love support and prayers!