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Such a busy busy summer it has been! Lots of camping trips have been taking place since we were not able to go at all last summer…it has been so nice! I originally intended on updating Talli's webpage during each scan but I dropped the ball on the last one! I am sorry to all you amazing followers and supporters. Needless to say our lil sweet T is doing so well! She had her 9 month scans back in July and everything was ALL CLEAR! After her 12 month scans in October, she will move to every 6 months for the next five years. The twins start kindergarten next week so it will be yet another big change for our family. Although exciting, it is so bitter-sweet for me! They did do a step up program which was rough the first couple days 

but they ended up loving it…Ne and I had a harder time with it, she missed her sisters. But it was an awesome program that got them used to being away from me and made me realize they are both READY for this even after our rough last year. Talli’s leg has been doing great! Still much weaker but that’s expected. We are starting to see a little bit of discrepancy between the two legs, which eventually we will have to do something about but it is not a huge difference as of now. Her hair is growing fast and it is like a lil pixie cut right now! She reminds me of Tinkerbell, which to me is meaningful because we used to call her Tinker Talli…in fact the theme of the twins first birthday was Tinkerbell Talli and Lexi Lou Who! So anyways, things have been moving right along. And besides my usual update, I wanted to put it out there that September is Childhood Cancer Awareness month and I want to help in turning the world Gold! So I plan on purchasing gold rings that say hope on them and a few other gold items and selling them through Talli’s webpage. The site that I am getting them from is called choosehope.com and proceeds from getting them off that site will be to cancer research. Then once I sell 

them (I have not figured out pricing yet) not only will people be purchasing something to show support towards childhood cancer but the money that is made from it will ALL go towards cancer research. So when I get that all in order I will make a post through facebook and on here to let everyone know. Wouldn’t it be awesome if everyone wore Gold of some sort to bring acknowledgment to all these amazing warriors and angels that this horrible disease has affected and to find MORE funding for CHILDHOOD CANCER RESEARCH!  

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