October 2014 Update!

Hi everyone! Goodness it has been forever since I did an update! Our little miss is doing so wonderful. She had her 2 YEAR APPT TODAY! This time she was not put under anesthesia and she received an Echo, blood test, X-ray of her chest and X-ray of her leg and hip! And I am so thrilled to say that they were ALL CLEAR! She now moves to being seen every 6 months and I am so relieved that she is no longer getting MRI's. The only way she will have to get another MRI is if the X-rays show anything fishy! Our sweet T is just doing great! She and Lex started Kindergarten this year…and they are loving it! Lil sis, Kenz is doing two preschool half days…and not loving it so much but we will figure that one out, I am not sure she is ready! Talli is just thriving…she is so artistic and smart and loving! Her leg is really getting strong, she even prefers to do hopscotch on that leg rather than the other. 

None of us were sure what to expect when it came to the strength in that leg and hip and to see how amazing her body has responded to treatment and has healed is just incredible! There are still a few negatives we are dealing with but they are so minor compared to what could have been. Her hair is still very thin and breaks off easily…which in all honesty, if you know our T, the hair just fits her perfectly!! Unfortunately she gets tummy aches and headaches pretty frequently BUT they are never accompanied by a sickness. She also has been having some nightmares which is heart breaking because she doesn't know how to explain them but I kind of attribute it to all that she has been through. I wish I could take all those bad feelings and thoughts away! On a positive note, they also did an article on her a few months back in the UCSF website page which was pretty special, if anyone wants to check it out you can at:

I also wanted to let those of you who helped contribute to the Gold Fundraiser, know that we were able to raise $300. I want to thank Mandi Neue and Amanda Ferreira for all of your help! I would also like to thank those of you who donated!!! Thank you all for the continued love and prayers!

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