Gold Fundraiser

It's September and we are doing our CHILDHOOD CANCER AWARENESS fundraiser again! Help us in turning it "Gold". We still have Small and Medium HOPE rings for $5 and I have a few of the decals for $3. I will let everyone know when those run out and if need be I can order more. Then again Miss Mandi Neue made headbands that will be for $10 (Different from last year). Also this year we are doing keychains for $5. They are all pictured above. Any money donated from purchasing these items will then be donated to TheTruth365, which 100% of donations goes towards Childhood Cancer Research. The website that I got these items from is called, and purchasing these items through them allows the money to go towards cancer research as well; but not strictly childhood cancers. The way I am going to do this is similar to how we had donations for Talli when she was sick. From now until the end of September, there will be a donate button below which, when you donate your $10 $5 or $3, there will be a blank space …please specify if you would like to pick up the items from me or have me mail them and then let me know which item you want and the size you want for the ring if that’s what item you wanted. You can also email instructions for delivery to Or if you don't have paypal and would like to just go directly through me, Jacy, you can email and send me a message through facebook. Thank you for helping me bring awareness and raise money for something so near and dear to my families heart! And I know sometimes we are just not financially able to give but I challenge you to just try and wear something Gold everyday and talk about it to someone who is not aware at least a few times a week. These precious lil ones need US on their side! GOD BLESS!